Ice Supply

We supply our ice to restaurants, hotels and many other types of businesses. Find out why so many businesses choose Iceman as their preferred supplier!

Ice Sculptures

Expertly crafted ice sculptures from our award winning Ice Sculptor. Art made for one moment in time.

Artisan Ice

Hand crafted from the finest pieces of ice that we have. Experience clarity with ice like you’ve never seen before!

Why Choose Iceman?

Great Support

Our team of friendly customer service are here to serve you. We are robots hiding behind a call centre in some far away country.

Specialized Equipment

Iceman invests heavily into specialized ice equipment to ensure that what you receive is the best possible.

Certified Experience

Our food grade ice is produced under stringent food safety standards to ensure top quality for our customers.

Large & Reputable

We’ve been around the block for quite some time now, a testament to our reliable services and excellent products. Choose Iceman for unparalleled support.

Competitive Pricing

As one of the largest ice suppliers within Singapore and Johor Bahru, we are able to lower our costs significantly and pass it on to our customers and business partners.

Top Grade Quality

We ensure our products are in good condition before delivering them to our customers from our warehouse.

Some of Our Valued Partners:

Our History

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

Uni-Tat Ice and Marketing is a premier ice distributor with a proven track record in quality of products and delivery services. Uni-Tat has developed a strong and undeniable presence in the industry over the years, and now produces more than 500 tons of ice daily on a 2.5 acres modern ice making facility.

How it all came to be…

The Beginning

It all started with one lorry and two people. Our directors started the company from the ground up in 1994 with just a single lorry. Fast forward to today, we are now one of the largest ice suppliers in Singapore and Johor Bahru. How did we grow so fast? Through our unparalleled commitment to our customers and the exceptional care we put in ensuring quality products.


Deliveries Per Day

50+ Refrigerated Lorries

On the Road

100+ Icemen

working for you

23 Years

of experience

Ice Delivery – The Better Choice

Ice delivery is a more popular option by most ice buyers as compared to self-collection in Singapore. Due to our tropical climate, without a refrigerated truck, it is not surprising that the ice you have just bought a while ago will start melting even before you reach your destination. Hence, many people and business owners choose to have their ice delivered to their doorstep instead of making a trip down to purchase them.

Delivery On Time

Do you have specific delivery timings? Rest assured Iceman can accommodate. With multiple trucks covering the same areas at multiple timings, we are confident we can find a truck that is able to deliver at your requested timing.

24/7 Delivery

Our trucks are running around Singapore all year round including public holidays. For our business partners, what this means is you get uninterrupted ice deliveries at no additional charge for your pre-arranged orders. No need to panic and stock up last minute.

Last Minute Servicecs

Ice machine or freezer break down in the middle of the night? Give us a call and we’ll rush down with whatever dry ice and ice requirement you may need. Our trucks never stop, you may as well make use of them.

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