Ice Sculptures for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching. A special time of year for us ‘adults’ to forget what should be an unforgettable night of mischievous activities. Why not add one more item to your list of unforgettable memories that might make it through the night.

Ice sculptures and ice glassware are sure to wow any party goers this Halloween. The intrinsic qualities of clear sculpted ice naturally draws attention and is sure to be remembered by the time morning rolls around, assuming you haven’t developed a sudden aversion to bright lights and loud noises. 

1. Ice Shot Glasses

Like any shot glass, just pour the liquor into the cup then throw your head back and enjoy. But with these glasses, your belligerent guests can throw these against your house’s walls and floors without you worrying about glass getting stuck in everyones feet. Just be careful of the watery mess lying around after the carnage.

Many stores commonly provide molds to create ice shot glases with. These molds tend to produce useable but subpar ice shot glasses. They can also be an added headache when it comes to party planning. Instead, enjoy a hassle free experience and superior quality by having your ice glasses supplied and delivered by an Ice company.

2. Mini Ice Sculptures

The process of designing an ice sculpture is much like commissioning a work of art, and the amount of communication required to relay expectations correctly can leave many overwhelmed. Why is it that someone hasn’t created pre-designed sculptures for easy purchase?

Oh wait, we did.

We have designed ice sculptures that are easy to setup and easy to clear. Just crack open the styrofoam box and follow the provided instructions. Careful of the included dry ice, don’t handle it with bare skin.

3. Hand Sculpted Ice Carving

Ice sculptures continue to fascinate and captivate people across the world. Yet, many find it hard to justify an ice sculpture for use at their house party or event. A skilled sculptor can transform a plain block of ice into an almost life like representation of any object. Use an ice sculpture this Halloween to create an ornate figure piece.

Whether you want a tombstone serving tray, a cackling which seated at your table, it can be done. Just contact your local ice sculptors and they will chisel out your required design.

Ice Sculpture Tips and FAQ

How long do ice sculptures last?

The length of time an ice sculpture will last can be hard to predict, even for experienced sculptors. Many factors can affect the amount of time you have to enjoy your sculpture which can make it extremely difficult to accurately predict how long it will last you. Obvious factors include temperature and sunlight; high temperatures and direct exposure to sunlight negatively affect an ice sculpture. Less well known factors include:

  • Quantity of ice used in the sculpture. Larger ice sculptures are able to retain their form for much longer than smaller ice sculptures!
  • Humidity of the environment. In many cases, high humidity has an even more extreme effect on ice sculpture degradation than direct sunlight exposure or temperature.
  • Amount of detail. Very detailed ice sculptures don’t do very well in humid and hot environments. Sometimes, just transporting the sculpture from the vehicle to the setup location can cause all the details to melt away!

We always advise that your ice sculptures be kept indoors to get the most value. Do let us know if you have any requirements on the length of time you require an ice sculpture and we’ll be more than happy to assist!

How do I store my Mini-Ice Sculpture or Ice Glassware?

Our Mini-Ice Sculptures and Ice Glassware are packed in foam boxes and include dry ice for temperature regulation. Upon receiving the item, you can leave it in the box if you do not intend to use it within 3 hours. If you would like to store it for longer periods, do keep it in a freezer that is able to reach at least -5 C.

Where do I enquire about Ice Sculptures?

You can contact us at or use our customer contact form. Alternatively you can reach us at +65 6744 8484 if you need your questions answered immediately.