Our Products

Tube Ice

Commonly used in coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, home parties and barbeques. Our best seller!

Block Ice

For creating ice sculptures, carving Artisan Ice, chilling and more!

Artisan Ice

Ice used to accentuate the cosmetics of a cocktail or beverage.

Crushed Ice

Mainly used in the seafood industry to keep food frozen. Is also used for certain drinks.

Dry Ice

Often used to preserve food at really cold temperatures or to produce smoke effects.

Ice Gel Pack

Suitable to keep goods cool while shipping from one point to another.

Ice Sculptures

Iceman offers all-in-one ice sculpting services.

Ice Bin Rental

Iceman provides ice bins for hassle-free ice and drink storage!


Iceman delivers major brands of soft drinks and bottled waters right to your doorstep.


When you’re thirsty and the normal just won’t cut it.


Get your BBQ started with charcoal supplied by Iceman!

Foam Box

A more portable solution compared to our ice bins.