4 Creepy Cool Ideas To Use For Halloween With Dry Ice

Halloween is around the corner and has been one of the most anticipated events for party lovers. Apart from dressing up as your favorite zombie, why not up your level and come up with additional props that will be spooky and cool at the same time.

Dry ice is the number one way to take your Halloween party to the next level. The foggy effects that are produced by dry ice itself when it comes in contact with water are usually mysterious and spooky, which can further add on to the creepy ambiance of the party.

1. The Scary Mad Scientist

This is one of the easiest DIY décor and costume idea. Here is what materials you will need:

  • Glass Jars,
  • Huge Test Tubes
  • Beakers
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Dry Ice Pellets
  • Rubber Gloves

Dry ice pellets are easy to deal with due to their small surface area and portability. Firstly, place these dry ice pellets into the glass jars or beakers, follow by filling it up with warm/hot water. Next, place your food colouring into the mixture and experiment until you get your perfect spooky colour! Make sure the colour is as attention grabbing as possible. Subsequently. you will start to see bubbles and fog coming out of your jars. Finally, pair this with a white lab coat, some geeky glasses and messy hairstyle. Remember to wear your gloves for protection against the dry ice as well as to give your mad scientist a complete look!

2. Create Spooky Boo Bubbles with Dry Ice

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeUDny-5nPo

Having bouncing bubbles filled with smoke is a cool and mysterious prop to have at one of your Halloween parties. Follow the instructions in the above video to have your home made DIY smoky bubbles with dry ice.

3. Smoking Jack-O-Pumpkin

If you have go to the extent of craving your own pumpkin for Halloween, why not increase the spooky level by using dry ice to cause the smoky effects out of jack-o-lantern? Ensure your pumpkin is big enough got put in a bowl of warm water. Get dry ice pellets from iceman and stuff it inside the bowl of warm water just before the party begins. Ensure your pumpkin is on a higher than ground level so the smoke effects can flow down to get the best effects.

4. Witch’s Cauldron and Secret Potion

Since having a “boiling” cauldron will not be as portable as carrying smoking test tubes around. this idea will be perfect for hosts inviting guests over for Halloween. A boiling witch potion will always send chills down our spines. Remember to cover the sides with cobwebs, pumpkins, and spiders to make the scenario look extra creepy. Place your dry ice pellet inside the hot water in the cauldron. Watch the “boiling” effects that is coming out of the cauldron with immense satisfaction. For thicker fogs, use a ratio of 3 is to 1 water to dry ice ratio.

Dry Ice Tips and FAQs

How does dry ice creates the foggy effect?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. The process of turning solid into gas instead of liquid is known as sublimation. With a surface temperature of -78.5 Degrees C and sublimation feature, dry ice is perfect for refrigeration. By putting dry ice pellets into hot water, it creates a thick smoky effects. Smaller pieces of dry ice with more surface area produce greater volume of fog and cool hot water down faster, producing thick and more fog in a shorter amount of time.

How long does the dry ice last?

2-5kg – perfect for small home parties and drinks

10-20kg – to create larger effects over several days

30-kg and above – for large events and venues, such as wedding occasion or filming

Where can I get affordable dry ice in Singapore?

Iceman has been around Singapore for more than a decade. We offer affordable dry ice delivery to all locations in Singapore. Contact us to make your purchase today. Online purchases can also be made from our online e commerce store, Polarmart.