4 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Dry Ice

1. Keep Mosquitoes Away

No one wants to be contacted with dengue while on a camping occasion or BBQ gathering with friends. Mosquitoes, commonly known as pests to humans, bite us at the worse possible scenario. These pests often find living mammals by detecting the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air. Buying dry ice can be used to keep them away since it releases chunks of CO2 as it melts. The CO2 released tricks the mosquitoes into believing that there is a living mammal worth sucking.

So the next time you go camping or BBQ, you may want to consider buying dry ice for your trip. After keeping your drinks cools, you can dump the dry ice at a safe distance away from you and your family so most of the mosquitoes will be flocking towards the dry ice instead of you!

2. Remove Car Dents

Car dents can be a sight for sore eyes to most car owners, especially if the dent is not too huge to be sent to the workshop for repairs. Using dry ice and heat can force dents and dings to pop out by itself. This process itself is straight forward as it only requires only a few common household items. Do take note that lighter dents with a large surface area that appears on flatter panel and away from edges will tend to show the best results. It is crucial to note that the dry ice method will only work on thinner metal panels common on older vehicles.

3. Preserve Food

Using dry ice to preserve food is one of the cheapest, fastest and simplest method.  With the usage of dry ice, the atmosphere surrounding your food product is modified. As dry ice melts,the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases while the concentration of oxygen decreases. This prevents moisture and oxidation from happening, keeping your food fresh and preserved. This freezing ensures that no mush texture on frozen item since it occurs at -109 Fahrenheit.

This method is very popular among food suppliers during delivery. To maintain the freshness and thawing of their food supply, dry ice is often used in substitution of refrigerating it.  It is also important to bear in mind that dry ice should not be handled with bare hands because it cause serious burning.

4. Create Stunning Visual Effects For Special Occasions

In Singapore, most wedding planners opt for dry ice delivery to portray the smoke effect when the bride and groom walks in, making ceremony a grand one. Dry ice are known to create some pretty impressive smoke effects that are perfect for special occasions like parties and wedding events. Simply plop a chunk of dry ice into a container filled with warm water and watch the “smoke” effects flow out. The special effect can be explained by sublimation. As dry ice melts, it turns directly from solid to gaseous state, which will be the bubbles and fog you see. For kids parties, kids have the tendency to put their hands in the smoke effect to have a feel of it, which is perfectly safe for them.