Different Types of Cocktail Ice

The secret behind a good cocktail is something most connoisseurs take for granted: ice. Ice can come in many different shapes and sizes. These various forms or types of ice could be obtained using different types of machines for different purpose. When utilized properly, ice can make a huge difference between the a good cocktail and well-crafted one. It is important to know the different types of ice available so that you can make the best choice when using them.

Other than being used in food displays, many of the different types of ice are mostly employed in bars for beverages. We are going to look at the different types of ice and their uses.

1. Big Cubes

Big cubes are perfect for most of your cocktail needs. They are mostly made in about 2-inch Square Trays. Their shape is what you are probably going to find in most places where beverages are served be it in restaurants, convenience stores, or bars. They are good for shaking and stirring, ranging from a Rum & Coke to Margarita. Owing to their sizes, they can cool the drink very quickly. In addition to this, they melt very slowly which makes them the preferred choice if you do not want to get your drink watered down very quickly.

2. Small Cubes

These are more or less the size of big cubes. They have a shape like that of a butter pat. Small cubes blend well with most drinks. 1.25-inch Square Trays are used to make them and are perfect for cocktails like Gin, Tonic, or a Margarita. They are also ideal for mixed iced coffee, mixed cocktails among other therapeutic uses. They melt down quickly- a property that makes them cool your drink in a very short time.

3. Gourmet Ice

These are ideal for the upscale restaurants and special occasions. The ice has a unique shape that adds a great deal of aesthetic to the drink. Gourmets do not dilute the flavor of your drink because they melt very slowly. If they do, it is because you are taking ages to finish your drink. A gourmet has a shape like that of a shot glass. They are very clear and have a very appealing look which makes it a preferred choice for special events.

4. Crushed Ice

This is a type of ice crushed into small pieces so as to be served in Mint Juleps or Rum Swizzles. Without an ice crusher machine, crushed Ice can be tedious to make and things could get a little messy. A good alternative and convenient way is to have your crushed ice delivered to your door step from ordering online.

5. Crescent Ice

This type of ice has a shape resembling that of a half moon. It has such a unique and beautiful shape. Its shape allows liquids to flow over it without it packing together. Also, its crescent shape results in fewer splashes as you pour a drink into the glass. At the same time, your drink will cool in an instant after pouring it into this kind of ice. Inside the ice bin, the half-moon shape ensures that a lot of ice is stored compared to other types of ice. Crescent ice is a perfect choice for use with soft drinks.

6. Spheres or Ice Balls

Also known as ice balls, these type of ice comes in shapeof a sphere after it has been carved from large ice cubes. Spheres often find their use in drinks served in traditional glasses. These drinks are mostly the high-end spirits.

Listing many different types and shapes of ice is possible. Different machines have been made, and new ones are still being designed to make even more different shapes depending on the intended use of the ice. For food preservation, you will need ice that will melt slowly while at the same time keeping your food hydrated. When it comes to drinks, you will need ice that will melt slowly and chill your drink fast without diluting the flavor.