Our Services

In addition to our ice supply, we offer a comprehensive range of services that extends past ice. Take a look below at the services we’re able to offer!


Check out the list of services we have available below!

Our Services

We have it all! Well, not really. Though, I believe the list of services we’re able to offer are more comprehensive than your run of the mill ice company. Take a look below to see if we have anything that may satisfy your requirements!

Our Pricing

Our services are typically catered to our customers requirements, thus we are unable to offer a fixed pricing model. Should you have any inquiries on what is included in the service as well as the price, a quick phone call or email should be able to help!

Dry Ice Blasting Service

One of the latest key services offered by Iceman. Get your production equipment, manufacturing or shipyard equipment cleaned by Iceman. We offer free machine rental with a minimum purchase of dry ice! Inquire with us today for the most cost effective solution for your business!

  • Parcel Delivery
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Refrigerated Truck Services
  • Singapore to Malaysia Transport
  • Medical Shipper Boxes

Refrigerated Transportation Services

Iceman is able to move your temperature sensitive items across Singapore and even to Malaysia. Our many years of experience transporting ice has allowed provided us with the expertise necessary to transport all manner of goods. Next time you find yourself in need of a refrigerated delivery service look no further than Iceman.

Event Support

Standard Chartered Marathon, Sundown Marathon, OCBC Cycle and Laneway Festival. Iceman has been a crucial partner since our inception to a multitude of events. Chances are if you’ve been to an event, you’ve come into contact with our ice and seen our vehicles.

We’re able to supply manpower to assist in setting up your F&B stations, dropping of your ice at the desired locations, making middle of the night deliveries, and providing last minute ice requests. Don’t make the mistake of choosing one of our competitors who lack the flexibility to support all of your requirements.

  • Multi-Station Ice Delivery
  • Ice & Drink Mixing
  • Beverage Refrigeration and Delivery Services
  • Ice Bin Rental and Deployment
  • Standby Manpower Deployment
  • Parked Refrigerated Lorry
  • Mobile Bar Events
    See more at High Society Spirits
  • Emergency Ice Machine Breakdown
  • Poultry & Seafood Crushed Ice
  • Specialized Machine Ice Cooling
  • Air Conditioning / Freezer Breakdowns
  • Concrete Ice Cooling

Industrial Ice Supply

Need ice by the ton? We got it. Iceman is capable of supplying over 300 tons of ice in a single day without including our daily sales. No other supplier in Singapore is currently capable of supplying this quantity in a last minute capacity. Give us a call today to discuss the special pricing options!

F&B Ice Supply

The core part of our business. Iceman has been supplying to F&B outlets and businesses from the very beginning. The majority of our trucks roaming around Singapore are to fulfill the ice requirements of all our business partners.

Rest assured, that while we are not a small company, we still ensure that every one of our customers are treated with a personal touch. We will assist to make sure that any requirements you may have can be accommodated in same way.

  • Tube / Crushed Ice Delivery
    At your specified timing
  • Artisan Ice Customisation
    Customized sizes at no additional charge.
  • Dry Ice Delivery
  • Ice Gel Pack Conditioning and Delivery
  • 24/7 Ice Delivery
    Delivery at anytime of the day or night.
  • Last Minute Ice Requirements
    Typically can deliver within 3 hours from request time.
  • Disposable Take Away Items
  • Charcoal Supply
  • Meat & Seafood Supply
  • Foam Box Supply

F&B General Goods Supply

In addition to being able to supply ice, Iceman is able to provide a multitude of products for catering businesses and restaurants. How are we able to do this? Our vast network of contacts has allowed us to secure high quality products from meat, seafood, to disposable take-away goods.

I guess the one of the major questions that you may ask is: why should I choose Iceman for non-ice products? Well, it is our belief that consolidating your suppliers leads to less headache and reduces the overall cost of management on your side. We’re more than happy to provide you with the pricing for any products we are able to provide that you may be interested in.